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OpenBoard 1.6.1

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OpenBoard is an open source cross-platform interactive white board application designed primarily for use in schools. It was originally forked from Open-Sankoré, which was itself based on Uniboard.

Supported platforms are Windows (7+), OS X (10.9+) and Linux (tested on Ubuntu 16.04).

New Features

  • upgraded to Qt 5.15.0.
  • increase performances when zooming on a PDF (enableQualityLossToIncreaseZoomPerfs enabled by default in preferences).
  • added a zoomBehavior parameter to test some features regarding PDF rendering performances, thanks to @jpapale.
  • a new application called “Paper” (already available for a while in some Geneva schools) has been added, thanks to François Le Cléac’h.
  • the laser pointer diameter is now configurable in the config file, thanks to @letsfindaway. You can modify its value by changing it in the * config file (PointerDiameter in the Board section of the config file).
  • it is now possible to draw intermediate lines in the grid backgrounds, thanks to @letsfindaway. You can enable it by passing EnableIntermediateLines to true in the config file.
  • a new application called “Axes” has been added, thanks to @letsfindaway. it can be enabled by passing EnableToolAxes to true in the config file.
  • added 4 shapes in the library.
  • ported from QScriptEngine to QJSonDocument, thanks to @JBBgameich.
  • updated russian translations, thanks to @mariiaalt.

Bug fixes

  • It was no longer possible to make a selection above a PDF background. In some cases, undo could cause the PDF to be detached from background
  • added shortcuts events in the thumbnails view
  • Object moves were not memorized when using the “magicFinger” tool
  • Fixed several issues regarding UBX import
  • Selected pen color was no longer visible on the main bar
  • In a text-box, a resize was applied even when only changing the color of a text
  • metadatas were not correctly persisted when the last action was to delete a page in Board Mode
  • fixed two issues regarding ubx files where import could fail if some folders and files had the same name
  • fixed an issue where rename a folder could break the folder’s hierarchy
  • fixed an issue where resizing widgets would scale them instead of resizing the viewport
  • fixed an issue where OpenBoard would crash if trying to drag and drop anything on the thumbnails view
  • fixed an issue where data would not be correctly persisted when playing with text alignment in a text box
  • fixed an issue with shortcuts on a german keyboard layout, thanks to @letsfindaway
  • fixed an issue where changing of stylus tool while input device is pressed could result on a crash, thanks to @letsfindaway
  • fixed an issue where eraser preview circle would not hide at input device release, thanks @letsfindaway
  • fixed two issues where pageCount metadata could be corrupted
  • fixed a number of uninitialized variable uses, thanks to @multun
  • fixed some polish translations, thanks to @marcin-serwin


  • make libavcodec-extra version less restricted (so the package can be installed in Kubuntu 20.04 too.


  • vc_redist installer has been replaced by new ones to prevent “msvcrt10x.dll is missing” kind of errors.
  • added LAV_Filters to installer so system codecs needed by Qt are provided directly at install.


  • fixed OSX Desktop mode, thanks to @jpapale.
  • fixed OSX Desktop screen capture for screens with a devicePixelRatio different from 1.
  • fixed an issue where d’n’d was broken with qt 5.15 or osx >= 10.15 if QMimeData::setUrls was filled with empty urls.
  • ask permission to use the mic.



OpenBoard 1.6.1


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