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Linux In Easy Steps, 7th edition

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English | ISBN: 1840789379 | 400 pages | EPUB | May 17, 2021 | 6.68 Mb

Now in its seventh edition, Linux in easy steps explains the Linux environment and how to get more out of this stable, as well as free, operating system. You’ll be able to download, install and customize Linux, and master the desktop, in no time. Then, explore the key Linux apps, including:
•The LibreOffice suite: Writer (word processor), Calc (spreadsheet), Impress (presentation), Draw (drawing tool), and Base (database).
•Firefox for browsing the web.
•Thunderbird for exchanging emails.
•GIMP, Pix, Celluloid, Hypnotix, and Rhythmbox media apps to edit photos and videos and to enjoy music and movies.
The final chapters show how to use the powerful Linux shell to communicate directly with the kernel at the very heart of Linux for total control.
This guide will open the door to the whole new world of digital possibilities using Linux. Ideal for Linux newbies!

Table of Contents
1.Getting started
2.Exploring the Desktop
3.Setting Preferences
4.Touring the File System
5.Engaging the Internet
6.Producing with Office
7.Enjoying Media
8.Using Accessories
9.Commanding the Terminal
10.Performing Operations



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