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^The Ultimate Git Mastery Course

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eLearning | Skill level: All Levels

Go from Zero to Hero – Everything You Need to Use Git & GitHub Like a Pro

Git is the most popular Version Control System (VCS) in the world. It helps you track your project history, revert back your code in case of mistakes, and work effectively in a team.

That’s why it’s listed in almost every job description for a software or DevOps engineer!

The problem is: Git is a bit complex. I’ve seen seasoned developers using Git for years and still have no idea how Git really works.

That’s why I’ve created this course. To help you understand Git inside out and use it with confidence. Once you understand how Git works, using Git commands should be a breeze.

No more copy/pasting Git commands from StackOverflow and hoping everything magically works! You’ll be in control of the commands!

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to…

  • Confidently use Git and GitHub
  • Collaborate with other developers easily
  • Use GitHub as an open portfolio for potential employers
  • Get involved in open-source development

What You’l Learn…

  • All the key concepts of Git
  • What’s, why’s and how’s of Git
  • Creating snapshots
  • Browsing project history
  • Branching & merging
  • Handling conflicts
  • Working with remote repositories
  • Collaborating with others on GitHub
  • Code reviews using Pull Requests
  • Recovering from your mistakes
  • Rewriting project history
  • Git best practices
  • Common pitfalls
  • And much, much more!
  • Step-by-step, bite-sized, and easy-to-digest videos with zero fluff

Who is this course for?

  • Developers who need to learn Git for the job
  • Freelancers who want to use Git to manage their personal projects
  • Anyone interested in contributing to open source projects
  • Anyone who wants to learn Git beyond the basic commands (add, commit, push)
+ Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 How to Take This Course
3 What is Git
4 Using Git
5 Installing Git
6 Configuring Git
7 Getting Help
8 Cheat Sheet
9 Introduction
10 Initializing a Repository
11 Git Workflow
12 Staging Files
13 Committing Changes
14 Committing Best Practices
15 Skipping the Staging Area
16 Removing Files
17 Renaming or Moving Files
18 Ignoring Files
19 Short Status
20 Viewing Staged and Unstaged Changes
21 Visual Diff Tools
22 Viewing History
23 Viewing a Commit
24 Unstaging Files
25 Discarding Local Changes
26 Restoring a File to an Earlier Version
27 Creating Snapshots with VSCode
28 Creating Snapshots with GitKraken
29 Introduction
30 Getting a Repository
31 Viewing the History
32 Filtering the History
33 Formatting the Log Output
34 Aliases
35 Viewing a Commit
36 Viewing the Changes Across Commits
37 Checking Out a Commit
38 Finding Bugs Using Bisect
39 Finding Contributors Using Shortlog
40 Viewing the History of a File
41 Restoring a Deleting File
42 Finding the Author of Line Using Blame
43 Tagging
44 Browsing History Using VSCode
45 Browsing the History Using GitKraken
46 Introduction
47 What are Branches
48 Getting a Repository
49 Working with Branches
50 Comparing Branches
51 Stashing
52 Merging
53 Fast-forward Merges
54 Three-way Merges
55 Viewing Merged and Unmerged Branches
56 Merge Conflicts
57 12 – Graphical Merge Tools
58 Aborting a Merge
59 Undoing a Faulty Merge
60 Squash Merging
61 Rebasing
62 Cherry Picking
63 Picking a File from Another Branch
64 Branching in VSCode
65 Branching in GitKraken
66 Introduction
67 Workflows
68 Creating a GitHub Repository
69 Adding Collaborators
70 Cloning a Repository
71 Fetching
72 Pulling
73 Pushing
74 Storing Credentials
75 Sharing Tags
76 Releases
77 Sharing Branches
78 Collaboration Workflow
79 Pull Requests
80 Resolving Conflicts
81 Issues
82 Labels
83 Milestones
84 Contributing to Open-source Projects
85 Keeping a Forked Repository Up to Date
86 Collaboration Using VSCode
87 Collaboration Using GitKraken
88 Introduction
89 Why Rewrite History
90 The Golden Rule of Rewriting History
91 Example of a Bad History
92 Undoing Commits
93 Reverting Commits
94 Recovering Lost Commits
95 Amending the Last Commit
96 Amending an Earlier Commit
97 Dropping Commits
98 Rewording Commit Messages
99 Reordering Commits
100 Squashing Commits
101 Splitting a Commit
102 Rewriting History Using GitKraken
103 Course Wrap Up
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