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EndNote X9.3.1 中科大版本 可升级至X9.3.3 Build 13966

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More than just a reference manager. EndNote moves you through the research process as you search, organize, write, publish and share. The latest version of EndNote adds new collaboration tools to the market-leading research manager and bibliography generator. Plus many other upgrades that just make a researcher’s life easier.

EndNote X9 can help you research smarter.
As a researcher, youíre constantly juggling different roles and demands on your time.

Smarter Teamwork
Share selected groups of references, manage team access, and track activity and changes

Smarter Insights
Uncover the impact of references and find the best-fit journal for your papers

Smarter Workflow
Automatically create, format, and update bibliographies, with the convenience of remote access

How does EndNote help you research smarter?
Search hundreds of online resources for references and PDFs
Find full text for references in one click
Read, review, annotate and search PDFs
Create rules to automatically organize references as you work
Keep your data accurate with automatic reference and link updating
Share a library or just a portion with new group collaboration options
Provide write or read only access to your library
Build your bibliography using the latest reference types
Ensure bibliographic accuracy with refreshed journal and referencing styles
Track your teammatesí changes and view their activity on your shared library
Access research from your desktop, online, or your iPad

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中科大软件内提示升级  可升级版本至 X9.3.3 Build 13966
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