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Matplotlib for Data Visualization with Python

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Learn Matplotlib for Data Visualization with Python in this hands-on course created by The Click Reader.
In this data visualization course, we will be creating various kinds of plots using Matplotlib. We will start off by understanding what the Matplotlib library is and how to install/import it in Python.

Then, we will go over the basic concepts of the Matplotlib library by creating our own plot. We will change various parameters and properties to influence the plot so that it is made according to our specification and the data that we have. We will also look at creating different kinds of 2D plots and learn how to make two or more than two sub-plots with the help of the Matplotlib library.

We will also cover the basics of creating a 3D plot in Matplotlib and learn how to plot images using the visualization library. By the end of this course, you will know everything about the Matplotlib library and you will be equipped with the knowledge of creating any kind of plot that you want.

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