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LaTeX for Data Scientists 2020 (and for non-Data Scientists also)

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If you are here, that’s because you want to learn LaTeX, the best document preparation system out there! With LaTeX, you can create professional documents and presentations. If you are a student, researcher, Data Scientist, or any kind of scientist or professional in general, then it’s not bad idea if you have things documented with LaTeX. Yes, every scientist or engineer needs to know math, and there isn’t anything better for writing math than LaTeX.

Documenting your ML or DL model in a Jupyter Notebook? LaTeX.

If you are going to present something in a very important conference? LaTeX.

Already doing your thesis? LaTeX.

Writing a paper? LaTeX.

In this course, I will guide you through the basics of LaTeX. You will learn:

LaTeX basics: how to write equations, matrices, vectors, lists, etc.
How to customize your LaTeX document by changing the font size, the font families, font styles.
Add figures, tables, Python code, hyperlinks.
Cross-referencing everything in your document without having to worry too much.
Create professional presentations using Beamer.
Adding a well-structured bibliography.
Edit your documents online and offline.
Add LaTeX to Jupyter Notebooks.
This course covers the basics and it is intended that you can write complex documents with complex math at the end of this course.

Without further ado…


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