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FileLocator Pro 8.5 Build 2912 Multilingual

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Whether it’s a line of source code, an entry in a log file, a legal brief, or even just a Christmas letter to your family, FileLocator Pro helps you find things fast. Its unique features make it possible to dig out information in even the most obscure file formats.

Immediate results
Review highlighted keywords and surrounding text so you don’t need to waste time opening each file looking for the right information.

Document browsing
Different views allow you to see just the hits or the hits highlighted in the context of the whole file. Includes syntax highlighting for easier reading of source code, supports most programming languages

Hundreds of formats
Whether your information is stored in a PDF file, Office document, or archived in a ZIP file FileLocator Pro will dig it out.

Outlook searching
Search through emails, contacts, calendar items over multiple PST files in one go.

Indexing options available
Searches can be either non-indexed or indexed. Indexed searches allow almost instant searching through GB of data. Multiple user defined indexes can be created and shared across your network. No background indexing consuming valuable CPU cycles and no secret indexes stealing value disk space. You stay in control of your PC.

Reports and Exporting
Understand, summarize, and share results with FileLocator Pro’s Reporting and Exporting functionality.

Fast multi-threaded search engine
Highly efficient search algorithms mean that you spend less time waiting for results.

Indexes can be created for instant searching through GB of data.

Data preview
Documents, images, and source code can be reviewed quickly using unique data navigation functionality

Frequently used searches can be saved as favorites for fast loading.

Outlook PST/MSG searching
Search through emails, contacts, calendar items over multiple PST files in one go.

Printing and Exporting
Share your results with others using the printing and exporting features.

Summarize and export searches with keyword reports.

Developer support
Command line and API available for integration with 3rd party apps.

External editor integration
Open files in 3rd party external editor or Visual Studio.

Whats New:
Added folder searching for attached mobile devices.
Improved: Double-clicking to launch default application.

FileLocator Pro 是一款专业的文件搜索软件,它内置了多种灵活的搜索规则来快速定位文件,如逻辑判断、通配符、正则表达式、日期/属性等,内置脚本支持可以实现更复杂的搜索操作,搜索结果也可保存为 Text、CSV、XML/HTML 等格式存档。

在文件名搜索方面,已经有很多工具都做的很出色了,如 Everything、淘奇桌面、Quick Search 等,但文件名的信息毕竟有限,有时还是很需要全文搜索,直接搜索、定位文件中的内容,FileLocator 在全文搜索方面做的比较强大,主要的特色是无需建立索引即可快速全文搜索,支持 Office、PDF 等大部分文档格式和压缩格式。
通过安装 Microsoft 筛选包,FileLocator Pro 即能额外支持全文搜索 .docx、.docm、.pptx、.pptm、.xlsx、.xlsm、.xlsb、.zip、.one、.vdx、.vsd、.vss、.vst、.vdx、.vsx 和 .vtx 等格式。

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