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Super Brain – Jimi Kwik

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Basically, Jim Kwik is a world expert in speed-reading,and optimal brain performance mentor. Jim Kwik offer a Superbrain Course at Mindvalley that one can go through to enhance their brain performance, speed reading and more.

  • You can remember a list of items forwards and backward in just a few minutes with this quest. Jim’s methods offer you to remember things easily in both order and you can remember it from the middle too.
  • For a healthy brain, you need to only remember important things. Jim gives 10 important habits for good brain health, at the end of this quest you will have these habits remembered and it will become hard to ignore even if you’re not implementing them in your life because then it would’ve already become a habit.
  • Jim teaches you how to remember grocery items which will save the embarrassment of a husband in front of his wife just because he forgot to bring all the groceries. There are many techniques but this will definitely help in buying all the groceries in your list.
  • Remembering names is difficult for everyone because once people meet you and tell you their name you will only remember it for a short time after that you will forget which can be really embarrassing for you sometimes. Jim teaches Be Suave and The PIE method which will help in remembering people’s names. He actually shows you a whole lesson on Day 14 where he meets people from all around the world and teaches you how to remember their names as they give you their introduction.
  • You can easily expand your vocabulary. You can take different words and remember it with a visualization technique. This technique also works for learning different languages which you are trying to learn which can be very great for you. You will want to learn every language on the planet which may not be possible in one lifetime but these new memory tools definitely help you learn as many languages as possible.
  • You will want to surround yourself with other people who also want to increase their memory power and improve their brain health. It will help you build new ideas, tricks and it will open your creative part of the brain. Mindvalley quests and courses are really amazing at getting people together in this way.
  • You can create a very close relationship with your family, friends, and coworkers because a better memory is in your service. You can remember important details and with those details, you can show a person that you really care about them. In any relationship, if you remember every little detail about the person then you’re going to have an amazing relationship with that person. You can achieve all that with the help of SuperBrain.

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